Name     : Roger Mayo

Position : Pilot.

UK Club

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Watford Wayfarers MFC

British Nationals 2004 I think (after coming second in sportsmans class I tried the F3C schedule)!!!

Second hand Hirobo Shuttle,

first brand new competition helicopter Robbe Schluter Futura SE bought from Bob Johnson at Skyline Models (before I knew who Bob Johnson was)


Harrow, Middlesex

I'm 44 years old and a self-employed Electrician currently working as an Electrical Site Supervisor at Terminal 3, Heathrow Airport. I've been flying model helicopters for about 13 years and flying in competition for about 11 of those (10 at F3C level with varying degrees of success!!) I was introduced & encouraged into competitive flying by former UK F3C pilot & current UK F3N pilot Dave Fisher through his model flying school Flyin' Fish. The 2015 World Championships is my second world championships and my second outing as a full team pilot, I am desperate to improve on my 2011 World Championships placing (I'll let you know what that was if/when I beat it!!). I'm a member of the same flying club as my good friend & fellow team pilot Steve Roberts, The Watford Wayfarers MFC, there are always plenty of tips from Steve and his Dad Paul to help improve my flying (if only I could put it ALL into practice). My first competition helicopter was a Robbe Futura SE which I bought from Bob Johnson at Skyline Models, High Wycombe.

Align Black Shark III


 JR MP70 & MP80G servos, Castle Creation ICE2 120HV ESC, Emcotech safety switch, Gryphon GVR-7020 voltage regulator

Align RCM-BL700MX 470KVA

T-Rex 700E F3C (V1 & V2)



 The most important thing is to enjoy what you do, whatever your skill level or preference of flying style, enjoy it and improvement will follow. As competitors we may not all become World Champions but we all strive to fly to the best of our ability each time we compete. Being successful in competition is all about consistency so take the time to set your machine up correctly to suit your flying and spend time getting to know how it handles to get the best from it each time you fly.


New Align FBL rotor heads, Longer main shaft with 3rd bearing support under main gear, Heavy Duty black Align gears throughout (helical cut on the main gear set), Align fuselage cut out in the vertical tail fin area to improve tail rotor authority during backwards elements of some of the manoeuvres.